Long Term Care

Caregivers & Care Providers in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Long Term Care

We provide all the services which are under Personal Care and apart from those we also provide ongoing assistance with some of the most basic activities of daily living. The need for the services stem from a disability, chronic illness or cognitive impairment.

Long-term care services assist people to improve or maintain an optimal level of physical functioning and quality of life, and can include help from other people and special equipment or assistive devices. The need for this type of care usually stems from a diagnosis or some type of chronic illness.

Long-term care can also be combined with other types of outpatient care such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and wound care. At Compassionate Hearts Personal Care, we provide a nursing-facility level of care based on a person-centered plan of care.

Are you considering acute rehabilitation or a nursing home?

It is possible to receive a nursing facility level of care in your home with it also being cost-efficient.

Will you still get around the clock supervision?

Absolutely! 24-Hour or live-in care is still an option at home. Staff are scheduled to work with you 1-on-1 around the clock while performing certain tasks according to your plan of care.

The Benefit

Some individuals require more assistance than others. Long-term care extends beyond your basic plan of care and helps with keeping you comfortable or reach a particular level of independence over a longer period of time. It requires a more detailed plan and specialized skills. According to the CDC, it was reported in 2015 that 81.9% of long-term care users .